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  • abv-scaleneedle
    ABV 5.2%
  • hophophophop
    IBU 44
  • dropdropdropdropdropdrop
    • not available

A challenge to brew but a pleasure to drink, the Pilsner Project was created to highlight the nuanced flavors of German-grown hops balanced alongside a seasonally inspired malt character. Brewed a handful of times per year, each batch is designed with a featured hop to allow for a full expression of its flavor. A true passion project, we hope you enjoy these Pilsners as much as we enjoy making them.

Firmly bitter and exceptionally dry, this 44 IBU Pilsner is reminiscent of the highly hopped lagers found in northern Germany. Imported pale malts lend a heartier malt structure than is typical of the styles. Nearly 2 pounds per barrel of Hallertau Hersbrucker hops impart subtle notes of spice and citrus.