Pilsner Project: Saaz

A challenge to brew but a pleasure to drink, the Pilsner Project was created to highlight the nuanced flavors of German-grown hops balanced alongside a seasonally inspired malt character. Brewed a handful of… Read More


Brewed in collaborations with Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers. German for “spring beer”, Frühlingsbier is a full-bodied golden lager brewed with all Tettnang hops from the 2019 German hop harvest.

Zwickel Lager

Named after the sample valve that German brewers use to taste beer directly from the fermentation vessel. Unfiltered and slightly hazy, the remaining yeast adds body and a fullness of… Read More

Farmhouse Lager

Kellerbier, which translates to “cellar beer”, is a regional style of beer found in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria.  Its name suggests that it was originally served unfiltered from… Read More

East Rock Lager

Familiar yet different, this versatile German-style Helles is the pinnacle of Bavarian brewing and the daily drinking beer of its people. Simply crafted and eminently drinkable, this humble lager is prized for… Read More


“Dark” in German, this easy drinking lager is made to refresh. It’s smooth malty flavor with notes of toasted bread, caramel and chocolate is just right when you’re having more… Read More

Vienna Lager

A brewery favorite, this easy-drinking amber lager achieves its aroma of freshly baked bread from the use of imported Vienna malt from a multi-generational German maltster.

Old Leatherman

Brewed for the wanderlust in all of us, this full-bodied black lager is named for the mysterious vagabond famous for his handmade leather clothes and walking circuit along the Connecticut… Read More

Spring Bock

Brewed annually to celebrate the coming of Spring, this hearty golden Maibock lager is made with Saaz hops which impart pleasant floral, herbal, and spicy notes.


Perhaps no word better describes the social state of festivity than the German word Gemütlichkeit, which loosely translates to the state of warmth, friendliness and good cheer that imbues public… Read More