Arctic Trails Cold IPA

Fermented cold with our house lager yeast, this malt forward cold IPA is packed full of floral, citrus, and pine character from hops sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

Sunny Trails Cold IPA

A seasonal variation of our Rocky Trails Cold IPA, Sunny Trails is brewed with a blend of barley, wheat, and corn which imparts a full-bodied mouthfeel, hazy appearance, and dry… Read More

Rocky Trails Cold IPA

A dry and refreshing take on the IPA style, Rocky Trails IPA is fermented with our house lager yeast, creating a clean canvas to highlight the citrusy and tropical flavors… Read More

DDH Hopfen Lager

An adventurous take on our Hopfen Lager, this version is dry-hopped a second time with a blend of American and German hops and left unfiltered to enhance its bright aroma… Read More


A hop-forward session lager designed for the cheerful spirit in all of us. With a bright, fruity aroma and mellow bitterness, this beer is best enjoyed around the table amongst… Read More

Curious Kid IPL

Like a curious goat, sometimes we like to escape from our daily routine and explore new ground. Crisp and sessionable, this hop-forward lager is packed with notes of citrus and… Read More


Our bracing double dry hopped Wilson’s Way IPL style features a second dry hop for an enhanced flavor with notes of pineapple, mango and freshly picked herbs.  Unfiltered to retain… Read More


Anything but sheepish, this bright, juicy India Pale Lager style is a clean break from the herd of IPAs out there. Brewed with a blend of German and American hops,… Read More


Our take on the pilsner style is a celebration of thoughtful simplicity.  We combine pilsner malt from a fifth-generation maltster and hops directly procured from family farms in the Hallertau… Read More