Tim Wilson

Head Brewer

Born to Brew

Tim’s love of beer led him to Germany to study brewing science and technology at The Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy.  He returned home several kilos heavier, having perfected only one German phrase: “ein bier bitte,” which translates to “one beer please.”  Since graduating a decade ago, he has worked relentlessly to produce world-class lagers and the perfect pilsner, his all-time favorite style of beer.  Tim has worked in various capacities at breweries in the Boston area, most recently serving as the Quality Manager for one of New England’s favorite craft lager breweries.  His passion for pilsner and lager brewing has earned him several medals at the Great International Beer Festival, including a gold for his German style Pilsner.  While Tim enjoyed his years in the Boston area, his heart always has been in Connecticut and he is happy to be back home producing fresh, German-inspired beer for its residents.

Favorite Beer: Pilsner