East Rock Lager

Familiar yet different, this versatile German-style Helles is the pinnacle of Bavarian brewing and the daily drinking beer of its people. Simply crafted and eminently drinkable, this humble lager is prized for its delicate balance of subtle malt and mild bitterness. The result is a friendly and satisfying flavor to pair with all of life’s occasions.

Hopfen Lager

A Bavarian-inspired tribute to the iconic American Pale Ale.  Hopfen Lager is fermented with lager yeast creating a clean canvas to highlight its soft, biscuity malts and zesty aroma of orange oil, ripe melon, and tropical fruit.  Hopfen’s mellow bitterness and bright, distinctive hop aroma bring about a timeless go-to beer to be enjoyed by… Read More

Weisse Bier

“White Beer” in German, the name derives from the hint of white imparted by European wheat from which the beer is made.  Our authentic yeast and traditional open fermentation create a sublime aroma that greets your nose with an interplay of spice, banana, and stone fruit.  Our traditional bottle conditioning process creates a delicate effervescence… Read More


Our take on the pilsner style is a celebration of thoughtful simplicity.  We combine pilsner malt from a fifth-generation maltster and hops directly procured from family farms in the Hallertau and Tettnang regions of Germany, producing a hop-forward take on the world’s most popular beer style.  Our refreshing pilsner has a tall, rocky head with… Read More