Crisp and delicate, our Kölsch style ale is brewed with a blend of malts and hops imported from Germany. A true hybrid style, this beer is fermented cold with a… Read More

Pilsner Project: Saaz

A challenge to brew but a pleasure to drink, the Pilsner Project was created to highlight the nuanced flavors of German-grown hops balanced alongside a seasonally inspired malt character. Brewed a handful of… Read More

Raspberry Gose

Our take on the classic Gose-style uses a clean fermenting lager yeast to reveal a subtle tartness and soft mouthfeel created during the kettle-souring process. Our restrained use of sea… Read More

Farmhouse Lager

Kellerbier, which translates to “cellar beer”, is a regional style of beer found in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria.  Its name suggests that it was originally served unfiltered from… Read More


Our hoppiest offering, this pungent India Pale Lager is packed with juicy notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and berry accompanied by earthy undertones of pine and resin. So aromatic that… Read More

Berliner Weisse

A refreshing take on a German-style wheat beer, this regional specialty is naturally soured to achieve its distinct acidity.  Enjoy on its own or choose to add traditional raspberry or… Read More

Spring Bock

Brewed annually to celebrate the coming of Spring, this hearty golden Maibock lager is made with Saaz hops which impart pleasant floral, herbal, and spicy notes.