What We Do Week #6: Our Lagers

From the nuance of a Pilsner to the hop-forward bite of an India Pale Lager, our inspired lagers undergo an extra-long and cold fermentation.  This rarely practiced and traditional technique produces a pure and crisp beer of extraordinary character that cannot be replicated with ale fermentations.  Our lager fermentation and maturation occur in the same vessel, called a conical fermenter.  The design of this fermenter allows us to remove yeast after fermentation from a port at the bottom of the cone and seal the tank to begin the maturation process.  Since we perform these actions in the same tank, there is no need to transfer the beer to another vessel for maturation.  For these reasons, conical fermenters are a common fixture in nearly every modern brewery in the world, including many of the craft breweries here in Connecticut and the U.S.       

Fermentation typically begins at 46 degrees F and rises to 48-54 degrees F where it is maintained until complete.  This traditional fermentation schedule is rarely practiced in modern breweries because the length of fermentation is exceptionally long relative to both ale and modern lager fermentations and is thus less cost-effective to produce.  However, we prefer this method because it produces an extraordinarily crisp beer that cannot be replicated with warmer fermentation temperatures.  We think you’ll appreciate the difference once you taste our beer!  

Next Week’s Topic:  Our Wheat Beers!