What We Do Week #8: Natural Carbonation

When fermentation is nearly complete, we close the tank to allow the CO2 generated during the fermentation process to naturally carbonate our beer.  This process, called spunding, is also seldom practiced by modern brewers, who prefer the convenience of carbonating beer after maturation with CO2 purchased from outside of the brewery.  However, our natural carbonation provides a distinct texture and… Read More

What We Do Week #7: Our Wheat Beer

While our focus is lager beer, we can’t help but embrace the complex process and characteristics of an authentic German-style wheat beer.  In contrast to our lagers, fermentation, and maturation of our wheat beers is a two-vessel process using a traditional German wheat yeast.  This yeast has the unique capability of transforming compounds in the… Read More

What We Do Week #6: Our Lagers

From the nuance of a Pilsner to the hop-forward bite of an India Pale Lager, our inspired lagers undergo an extra-long and cold fermentation.  This rarely practiced and traditional technique produces a pure and crisp beer of extraordinary character that cannot be replicated with ale fermentations.  Our lager fermentation and maturation occur in the same vessel, called a conical fermenter.  The design of… Read More