What We Do Week #3: Our Hops

In contrast to most breweries who procure hops through a broker, the majority of hops used in the brewery are procured directly from family farms in Germany.  Several of our German hop varieties are sourced from Seitz farm in Hallertau, a fourth-generation family-farm run by farm engineer Florian Seitz.  At 65 square miles, Hallertau remains the largest contiguous hop growing area in the world, producing roughly 80% of the hops grown in Germany.  We source other aroma varieties from the Bentele family farm in Tettnang, Germany.  A smaller hop growing area along Germany’s southern border, Tettnang’s proximity to Lake Bodensee helps stabilize the climate, making warmer winters and cooler summers, which creates an ideal hop growing climate.  Tettnang is prized for its Tettnang hops, which we feature as an aroma hop in our Pilsner and other specialty golden lagers.    

Next Week’s Topic:  Our Water!