What We Do Week #2: Our Barley

East Rock is honored to be one of the only breweries in the U.S. working with Stone Path Malt of Wareham, MA, an importer of malt from IREKS GmbH of Kulmbach, Germany.  Situated in the Upper Franconia area of Bavaria, IREKS GmbH has been crafting barley into malt since 1856 for some of Germany’s most cherished breweries.  While working with another brewery in the Boston area, Tim met Stephan Bergler, the former owner of Kloster Maltz in Erlangen who is now responsible for barley procurement at IREKS.  Stephan works with brewing partners Augustiner and Kulmbacher, along with brewing institutes such as Weihenstephan University, to evaluate the fitness of different barley varieties for the malting and brewing process.  At the present time, barley varieties including Avalon and Quench are being used by IREKS for their growing, malting and brewing characteristics.  East Rock is currently using the Quench variety for the majority of its Pilsner malt and is excited to experiment with Avalon and other varieties as they become available.   

Next Week’s Topic:  Our Hops!